Helping Students and Leaders Get Noticed, Admitted, Funded and Employed

TAMEKA WILLIAMSON is the leading authority on “re-engineering” the lives of people and showing them how to Win Intentionally at Leading Life.

As an Engineer and Six Sigma Blackbelt in Lean and Process Improvement, she analyzes and creates systems for change. Being a certified speaker and coach for the John Maxwell Team, Tameka developed her signature programs around the 6 WILLs so that students and leaders can Get Noticed, Get Admitted, Get Funded and Get Hired, so they WIN in life, bringing about positive and sustainable change.

Winning Intentionally at Leading Life (WILL) is modeled around showing people how to Stand out, Relive their dreams and Remove all limits.

Having successfully overcome several life changing events and a successful corporate career of driving change for over 15 years in Fortune 100 Companies, Tameka is maximizing her experiences to equip others with the tools to either avoid the same mistakes or bounce back quicker and stronger on their journey to fulfill their purpose. Participants learn how to live life as the driver and not as a passenger.

Committed to developing leaders of Today, Tomorrow and the Future, Ms. Williamson is passionate and energetic about helping others be successful. Everybody has the WILL to Win, they just need someone to show them the way.

 Author of the Best-Selling College Prep Book



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