15 Activities Or Hobbies You Can Do To Help Keep Yourself Centered

It’s easy for stress to knock you off balance, leaving you reacting to changes rather than pushing forward toward your own goals. There is simply too much noise in daily life, and while any one issue may not matter too much, when taken as a whole, it’s draining.

Centering yourself allows you to gain perspective on what’s going on, reign in any emotions that may not be helping, and take a second look at how you want to handle a challenge. Centering yourself can give you more emotional strength to take on specific tasks, like an unfriendly meeting or a challenging client.

There are more options than meditation for finding your emotional center, each with their own advantages. Gardening, travel and exercise all create visceral experiences, which can help break you out of thought lock.

Below are some methods that members of Forbes Coaches Council recommend in order to become centered. Try some, and see which hobbies or approaches work best for you.

11. Serve Through Mentorship 

Mentoring is an act of servanthood that can save lives and have generational impact. It’s the gift that keeps giving, especially when you mentor those who are disenfranchised. Stepping outside of your norm and into the space of someone with a different background, learning their path and identifying how to add value to their life, will humble you. Then you will gain a new perspective on yourself and life. – Tameka WilliamsonCelestial & Associates Consulting 

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