15 Common Pieces Of Career Advice That Are Actually False

When it comes to job searching or building a career, there’s lots of advice out there, and a lot of it can be conflicting. Different companies are looking for specific traits or skills, and those key traits or skills can vary easily, depending entirely on who is making the decisions and what philosophies they follow.

With all the moving parts to the system, it’s easy for someone to see patterns where there’s only noise. While someone can quickly dismiss superstitions like “sleep with a glass of water under your bed,” or “you have to wear a red suit, or they won’t consider you,” there are a number of tidbits floating around out there that everyone abides by, but aren’t actually true.

To help people sort fact from fiction, members of Forbes Coaches Council, below, talk about some common advice they’ve heard, and why it doesn’t really work. Here’s what they say:

12. ‘Keep Your Head Down And Work Hard — It Pays Off!’

Think about it! Keeping your head down causes you to blend in with everyone else when you need to stand out. Working hard is good, but if nobody knows about it, where is the value? I’m not saying brag because nobody likes arrogance. But you do want to present yourself as an asset who goes above and beyond by producing results and creating solutions. Track accomplishments and communicate with the boss. – Tameka WilliamsonCelestial & Associates Consulting

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