My latest article on Forbes: 18 Ways to Get Better At Working Under Pressure

Everyone has to deal with pressure, both in their personal and professional lives. In the workplace, this pressure often manifests itself in the form of tight deadlines, demands from your boss, employee performance issues, and other obstacles that get in the way of you doing your job.

Since stress is unavoidable, it’s important to learn how to channel and deal with it in a healthy, productive way. In doing so, you’ll not only survive tough situations, but thrive in spite of them.

We asked 18 members of Forbes Coaches Council to each share one method of coaching yourself to work better under pressure.

11. Review Past Pressure Points And Identify Patterns

Time is a commodity we can’t get back, but we can manage it so it doesn’t manage us. Take control by reviewing past pressure points, identify patterns and lessons learned, then develop a prevention strategy to prevent reoccurrence and mitigate the unexpected risk factors. Plan using the “big rocks” concept to maximize your efforts and minimize stress. – Tameka WilliamsonCelestial & Associates Consulting 


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