The College for FREE University helps families learn how to send their kids to college for FREE minimizing student loan debt. Getting a college degree is one of the gateways for building a successful foundation for life, as 66 percent of today’s jobs requires some sort of advanced education beyond high school. Unfortunately, there is a high price tag associated with this degree and many families are getting caught in the student loan epidemic. This is where The College for FREE University (CFFU) program comes in to aid families.

WHY you need to complete one of the CFFU Courses and/or Products:

  • Gain inside knowledge on the college admissions process
  • Increase your child’s ability to get into the college of their dreams fully funded
  • Gain a better understanding of how college is funded
  • Create a CFF strategic admissions and funding plan
  • Build your child’s scholarship portfolio
  • Gain clarity and direction about how to get your child’s education funded
  • It can help you send your child to college for FREE – ZERO Student Loan Debt!!!

Get Funded

Take intentional actions that give you your roadmap for success in college admissions process to get funded

CFF was designed to help parents of middle and high school students looking to send their child to college for free with zero or minimum debt. This is for you if any of these apply:

  • You said the following: “I don’t have money to send you to college” or “I have no clue where to start”
  • You asked “How am I going to pay for college”
  • You don’t have at least $150,000 saved per student in a college fund
  • You don’t know what EFC is and how it can translate into debt
  • You have no clue where to begin
  • You said “My child is an honor student, money will come”

Every parent wants the best for their child and will do anything to help them succeed. Unfortunately, the journey to college is one that brings about many challenges and stresses that leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Because there are many moving pieces and things constantly changing, you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s hard to focus on the right things and competing deadlines, you lack guidance, and it leads to frustration. Don’t worry, the College for FREE University resources are here to help! We have designed a proven program used to help families garner over $3 Million in scholarships and grants. Now, we are sharing these strategies with you so you too can Send Your Child to College for FREE.

Client Testimonials

Coach Tameka provided guidance and...

Coach Tameka provided guidance and coaching to both of our daughters as they prepared for college. Her mentoring, encouragement, and knowledge of higher education was instrumental to our girls’ ability to find schools that were a perfect fit for each of them. Each of them also received scholarship money. Tameka spent countless hours with our daughter, Sydney, reviewing applications, discussing school options, working on her resume and portfolio, and helping her through some difficult last minute choices. As a result of her guidance and support, Sydney secured a full academic scholarship. She is entering her junior year of what’s been a highly successful college experience at Howard University. Thank you, Coach Twill! – Susan Mosley

Applying for college was...

Applying to college was a somewhat stressful process because every school has different criteria and there is a lot at stake for each and every application. Essentially, my future was dependent upon if and which school(s) decided to accept me. Tameka helped me during this time, by reviewing my applications, sending me scholarships to apply for, and helping submit many recommendation letters on my behalf. Additionally, she helped calm some of my nerves through encouragement and letting me know everything was going to be okay. She also provided many tips on how to submit a successful application such as how to write a personal statement and how to stand out amongst thousands of other applicants. Ultimately, with the help of Tameka’s assistance I ended up at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated loan free in May 2017. – Sarah Hampton

Ms. Williamson came to us as a college coach for ...

Ms. Williamson came to us as a college coach for our Project Ready program of the Urban League of Grater Atlanta. Tameka’s vast experience and deep knowledge of the college decision making process immediately added value to our students and parents. Each and every student walked away with a much better understanding of their college choices and how to navigate through the many choices out there for our students. Her workshops stirred their imagination that they could continue to their post-secondary education at just about any institution of their choice. And her personal desire for each student to go to college debt-free through going after privately funded scholarships cannot be measured.

Tracey R. Mosley
Youth Services Director
Urban League of Greater Atlanta

The college search process is as difficult as...

The college search process is as difficult as it is daunting and proper support can be hard to come by. Fortunately, though my process was hard and long, having committed to three different schools in the process, I was happy to have Tameka Williamson at my side. Her persistence, structured encouragement, and mental strengthening helped me believe in myself until I found the right school that believed in me as well. I am now at Howard University with a full ride as a journalism major. – Sydney Davenport

Lessons I’ve Learned About the College Process:

  • Timing and managing deadlines is critical to the process
  • You must start the process early in order to get maximum results
  • Getting funded for college is all about strategy, planning and execution
  • It’s much bigger than making good grades
  • Intentional actions must be taken based on well defined goals
  • The importance of strategically networking and connecting with the right people
  • There must be a willingness to invest in the process in order to get maximum return
  • Your level of preparation and planning will dictate the level of success from the process
  • It takes a dedicated team committed to the process to make it work

The reality is that college is a viable option. Your child is waiting on you to join the ranks of other families I’ve helped to garner MILLIONS in scholarships! So, sign up TODAY for College for FREE and get educated and equipped with the knowledge to help them be GREAT……

Get the tools you need and empower your child to speak their voice and secure their college dreams

Most parents are in the same position as you. They have the desire, but lack the know how, guidance and direction on making it a reality. They too are frustrated, concerned and stressed over the process. You don’t have to be discouraged or frustrated anymore. Educate yourself and your family on successful tactics used by other families, by partnering with an igniting college coach you can count on. If you can identify with any of the following: You’re frustrated with the college process, You feel lost, You feel stuck, You can’t figure out what to do or how to do it, or You are looking for a collaborative partner to help you strategically navigate the college process, it is time for you to consider bringing in a successful college coach – someone who believes in you and that you can send your child to college for free – who has helped family garner millions……

Tameka Williamson also offers college, business and career coaching packages for individuals and groups who seek wise, thought provoking and unbiased advice from a seasoned and successful college coach, entrepreneur and corporate trainer who has BLAZED the trails. There are many options available to work with Tameka and learn from her via her books and direct services at your own pace and within your own budget.